Welcome to Avaunt Staking’s Radix Validator Guide


This guide is intended for potential Radix node runners who would like to run their own node on the Radix DLT network. The guide will walk you through the steps to build a Node Server and an optional monitoring Webserver using Prometheus and Grafana.

To learn more about Radix and the wonderful things they are building visit the Radix DLT site here


  • The steps included are based on hosting via Amazon Web Services (AWS) but could be transferred to another cloud or physical infrastructure environment.

  • This guide is based on running software and commands from a Windows Desktop. Some steps may be different on a Linux or MAC OS.

  • This guide demonstrates one of the many available configurable options for building and running a node and will be based on Docker. There are alternative strategies available and you should research the pros and cons for each setup.

  • There is a dependency on ensuring you have configured your AWS account, base AWS infrastructure and security groups as required.


  1. An AWS account and understanding of how to build instances, configure security groups and firewall rules in the EC2 Dashboard.

  2. Putty and PuttyGen installed on your computer

  3. A basic understanding of Linux commands

  4. An understanding of Docker


  1. Pre-requisites

  2. High-level Build Configuration

  3. Configure the Node Server

  4. Install Node Exporter

  5. Configuring the webserver with Prometheus & Grafana

  6. Alerting & Monitoring

  7. Optional Configuration

  8. Add the Radix Node Dashboard to Grafana

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