Update your Validator

How to Update your node

radixnode docker setup  \
     -u \
     -n fullnode \
     -r 1.0-beta.37 \
     -t radix://tn1qgtjz4432e7ghdfsdc6ssu4v63rwxk2g84e4yedadeasfsfaw3995l9gl6l@

The -u option specifies that this launch of the node will be an update, causing radixnode to create a backup of the current configuration file and ensure that the node has stopped before applying the changes.

The -n option sets the node type, which can be either fullnode or archivenode.

The r option is optional and specifies the release of the node software you wish to install. If not provided it will use the latest release from https://github.com/radixdlt/radixdlt/releases.

-t is the IP address of a radix node that you can use to join the network.

Again, select a seed node closest to where your host is located.

the third -t switch is for the seed node that you use to connect to the network. You would normally choose a node closest to your hosting region.

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