Register as a Validator


The following section will take you through the steps to register your node as a Validator node on the network


  • 30 XRD in your desktop wallet to be able to send to the node's wallet for registration

  • radixnode cli is installed


Begin by sending some XRD to your node's wallet address so that there is enough to cover the registration fees. 5-10 XRD is plenty.

Check your node's wallet address

radixnode api account get-info

{"result": {"address": "tdx1qsprd6tt0dxvw9qks2mh743tr68s4ft9p6qv2zkfc622uymczragyfclqqu7e",

in this instance the wallet address begins tdx...


head to your desktop or Ledger wallet and send the XRD to that address, then check it's been received by entering

radixnode api account get-info
Confirm the 'amount' paramater has a value

{"result": {"address": "tdx1qsprd6tt0dxvw9qks2mh743tr68s4ft9p6qv2zkfc622uymczragyfclqqu7e", "balance": {"stakes": [], "tokens": [{"amount": "10000000000000000000", "rri": "01"}]}}, "id": 1, "jsonrpc": "2.0"}

enter the following command to register as a validator

radixnode api account update-validator-config

enter true add then add your name, url and fee and whether you'll accept delegations. You'll need to specify a wallet address of where emissions should go to. It is recommended that this is an external wallet address such as the upcoming Ledger wallet or Desktop wallet and not your node's wallet address.

check the registration was successful

radixnode api validation get-validator-info
{"result": {"owner": "tdx1qspy3hhj2xzr9vcwfkw45lclj6kdkpu7xpueyl3ym32lcwlcg2lm9hcw3gftc", \ 
"address": "tv1qgmwj6mmfnr3g95zkal4v2c73u922egwsrzs4jwxjjhpx7qsl2pzwa53mte", \
"stakes": [], "allowDelegation": true, \ 
"name": "Avaunt Staking 03", "validatorFee": "2.0", \
"registered": true, "totalStake": "0", "url": ""}, "id": 1, "jsonrpc": "2.0"}

How to update the Validator

radixnode api account update-validator-config

How to unregister your Validator

radixnode api account update-validator-config

change the value to false

If you have delegates signed on to your validator node, then you must inform them before you unregister the node.

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